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S E R V I C E S  &  P R O J E C T S  C O M P L E T E D  B Y  L U X  H O U S E  L O N D O N

The creative team at Lux House London have worked on residential and commercial projects throughout central London with a focus on providing turnkey solution services for development projects. Our interior design services range from the start of defining the brief and concept design through to practical completion. We have worked closely with trusted teams of contractors that allow us to deliver our projects to a high quality of standard. We work with a team that have a combined experience in the industry for over 50 years  - the workmanship and skills are highly rated by our existing clients.


Lux House London work closely with our clients to understand what their expectations are with the aim of delivering the vision they have. 


Lux House London has worked on a wide range of projects from large scale property developments, show homes, with estate agents and property landlords to listed buildings that require full interior design and architectural services. 

A further list of the services that we can help deliver are:   

  •  Concept design

  • Full interior design, Interior decorating & Space planning  

  • Interior design for commercial and residential projects 

  • Construction working drawings

  • Lighting and electrical planning 

  • Turnkey solution for property development projects 

  • Procurement of fixtures and fittings

  • Architectural design 

  • Building control plans 

  • Full project management and project planning 

  • Planning application 

  • Bespoke property management

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“Very impressed by the results of all the work put into our project and would highly recommend the Lux House London team ” 

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