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St Johns Wood

Complete strip-out of all services. With meticulous planning and execution, we conducted a comprehensive renovation that involved the removal of existing fixtures, finishes, and services. Our team then implemented innovative design concepts, premium materials, and state-of-the-art systems to create a captivating and luxurious living space. This turnkey solution showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional

Hyde Park 

For the Hyde Park 5-Story Building project, we tackled a complex scope of work. This included full restructuring, extensions, and design enhancements. Our team skillfully managed structural changes, implemented innovative architectural solutions, and created stunning interior spaces. The addition of a basement and roof terrace further elevated the building's functionality and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a remarkable turnkey solution.

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Maida Vale 

For the Maida Vale 2-Bed Property project, we conducted a range of tasks to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution. These included space optimisation, material selection, furniture arrangement, and aesthetic enhancements. Our expertise in interior design and project management ensured a seamless execution, resulting in a stylish and functional living space. 

Rebel Business School  

Throughout our year-long collaboration with Rebel Business School, we provided a comprehensive design and development solution. Our services encompassed space planning, interior design, furniture selection, lighting design, and creating a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration. By tailoring the workspace to their specific needs, we delivered a fully customised and functional solution that focuses on our signature design concept centrered on interior design for well-being 


Clients & Partners
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